The Place of Destination Tourism at Vietnam

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Holiday to overseas became every people want, but need much money. There are destination tourism with low budget. The country is at Southeast Asia. Vietnam became one of other. For people from Southeast Asia if want holiday in Vietnam no need make visa so can make easy for tourist and no need additional money for make visa. But tourist just have 30 day for stay at Vietnam. If want more must make Visa at country origin.

Many people still don’t know if Vietnam have beautiful place for holiday. So Vietnam became destination tourism must visit.

If you not have time much for holiday, choice is place near your country and important low budget :-). In Vietnam have some destination tourism very interesting for holiday. Here some option for holiday:


  1. Hoan Kiem Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake

The first name of Hoa Kiem is Ta Vong. Hoa Kiem Lake located in Hanoi City of Vietnam. Every night at Hoa Kiem Lake many locals people play, many people show street performance, very interesting. And every night locals people open shop at street so we can buy just for souvenirs and gift for family at home ;-). Hoa Kim Lake locate in center of Hanoi city so you can go around easy. As the center of the city so Hoa Kiem Lake very crowded with various activities. So if you want holiday to Hanoi, you must stay at Hotel near Hoa Kiem Lake. Stay at Hotel in Hanoi not expensive so you no need scare about finance.


  1. Ho Chi Min City

Ho Chi Min City

Ho Chi Min City usually people say Saigon. In Ho Chi Minh have many historic building, so if you walk around will see many old building still good. One of some building is name Duc Ba Cathedral. Established by French colonists who initialed name it Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Saigon, the cathedral was constructed between 1863 and 1880 It has two bell towers, reaching a high of 58 meters (190 feet). In Ho Chi Minh have relics Vietnam war, it’s name Cu Chi Tunnels. The Tunnels of Cu Chi are an immense network of connecting underground tunnels located in the Cu Chi District of Ho Chi Minh City and are part of a much larger network of tunnels that underlie much of the country. There are famous market, the name is Ben Thanh Market. If you want buy something in Ben Thanh Market you must smart choose store and must bargaining price because became very expensive for something cheap (be careful).


  1. Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is a travel popular travel destination and UNESCO world heritage site. The bay features thousands of limestone karts and isles in various shape and size. Traveling from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay if drive car about 4 hours. Arriving Halong Bay you will find a lot of cruises. You can choose cruise you like, for you can comfortable holiday.


  1. Old Town Hoi An

Hoi An

The beginning of Old Town Hoi An is port in Vietnam that connect Asia with Europe. Old town Hoi An is basically a living museum that that houses old town architecture. Some notable heritage buildings include Chines temples, a Japanese-desigened bridge, pagodas, wooden shop-houses, French colonial houses and old canals. Old town Hoi An have amazing river if you will go to there, try at the night. Hoi An delicacies are plentiful and particularly tasty and cheap. Let’s take an example, one of the most popular is Cao Lao. Cao Lao is a dish of rice noodle somehow closer in texture to pasta. What is the secret Cao Lao? it is the water used to make it, being collected from a special well in the city. The noodle are topped with slices of roast pork, dough fritters, and lots of fresh herbs and veggies. You will look all building at Hoi An traditional building because government at there have rules if want have home at Hoi An must follow all rules government at there so at Hoi An no have modern building except for government building.








































  1. Nha Trang

Nha Trang is most famous seaside resort-town. It is more lively and urban in character than other beach destinations like Mui Ne and Phu Quoc. It’s also scuba diving center and snorkling of Vietnam. Until the French Colonization, Nha Trang used to be no more than small fishing village. The French recognized Nha Trang as a perfect place for bathing, so they invested to make change Nha Trang become a resort town.

Nha Trang is consistently maintained it’s position as one of the most beautiful bays of the world. If want holiday to Nha Trang try come between January until August, you will have to chance to experience the most wonderful weather for swimming and sunbathing.


  1. Sa Pa

Sa Pa

Sa Pa is a frontier township and capital of Sa Pa District in Lào Cai Province in north-west Vietnam. It was first inhabited by people we know nothing about. They left in the entire valley hundreds of petroglyphs, mostly composed of lines, which experts think date from the 15th century and represent local cadastres. Then came the highland minorities of the Hmong and Yao. The township is one of the main market ones in the area, where several ethnic minority groups such as Hmong, Dao (Yao), Giáy, Pho Lu, and Tày live. These are the four main minority groups still present in Sa Pa district today. The Kinh (lowland Vietnamese) never originally colonised this highest of Việt Nam’s valleys, which lies in the shadow of Phan-Xi-Pǎng (Fansipan, 3143 m), the highest peak in the country.

Vietnam have many place beautiful so you can choose place you want stay for holiday. Many tourist destination, friendly local people, many various food cheap, many merchandise cheap, many hotel cheap and many more. You only visit and choose you want, don’t worry about budget for holiday because Vietnam friendly for all.

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